About Aerocase, Inc.


Aerocase enjoys the reputation of an industry leader and innovater in ATA case construction and design.

It all started in the late 70's when my company needed to transport delicate electronics. Due to the expense of the electronics, we purchased the "best" cases available. But the "best" cases could not withstand the rigors of shipping. We then realized we could manufacture a superior case at a fair price.

Today we produce a wide array of ATA shipping cases at our location in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

Since our inception we have produced over 6000 designs for almost every application imaginable. Servicing a wide array of industries including; Aerospace, Sound reinforcement, Staging, Lighting, Medical, Manufacturing, Sports Teams, the Trade Show industry and many others.

Combining our vast array and depth of experience with our use of highest quality materials, we offer a value in ATA case design and construction that is tough to beat.