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It all started in the late 70's when our first company needed to transport delicate electronics. Due to the expense of the electronics, we purchased the "best" cases available on the market. Extensive utilization of these cases proved that the "best" cases could not withstand the rigors of our everyday shipping needs. We then realized we could manufacture a superior case at a very reasonable price. Since then, we have continued to produce and utilize a wide array of high quality, high value ATA shipping cases at our location in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. To this day we still produce cases to meet the transportation needs of our organization which allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our products.

Let us put your company in a favorable position with our superior products, design, engineering and customer service.

Combining our comprehensive experience with the use of the highest quality materials, we offer a value in ATA case design and construction that is tough to beat.


We offer our ATA cases in two variations of heavy duty construction, 1/4" thickness and 3/8" thickness with a vast array of features to meet a wide variety of applications.

The foundation of any structure is its frame. We start with our high quality custom hardened aluminum extrusions. While some of our competitors may skimp in this area we go the extra mile using the thickest double walled cornering extrusion and a solid tongue and groove valance extrusion. Our superior quality extrusions add strength and durability that is unmatched.

Case panels can be made from the following materials to meet a variety of needs:
  • Light weight corrugated plastic - is 30% lighter and offers strength that is comparable to heavier traditional plywood paneling
  • Furniture Grade Birch plywood with durable abs laminate - which is free of voids, offers a high strength medium weight solution that meets the majority of our construction needs
  • High Density Polyethylene - is our most durable variant, this paneling coupled with our construction techniques creates a case that is nearly indestructible
Utilizing the highest quality hardware ensures that we produce cases that look great, stand up to the rigors of daily use and can be handled with ease. We utilize the highest quality ester & polyethylene foam linings with great consideration given to appropriate density and thickness to properly protect your items.

Design and Engineering

All the highest quality materials and the best assembly techniques aren’t going to make a great case unless the proper foresight and consideration is given to the design and engineering process. With over 6000 successful designs which include cases for:
  • Delicate electronics
  • Shock mount and standard amp racks
  • Speaker cabinets
  • Audio mixer’s with cable management housings (doghouses)
  • Delicate medical equipment
  • Heavy duty industrial machinery & equipment
  • Delicate trophies
  • Lighting fixtures
Our success in these areas combined with our continued first hand use of shipping cases, gives us the unique experience necessary to construct a superior shipping case for any application.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet your case construction and engineering needs whether the job is large, small, simple or complex; we are ready to assist with your next project.

You can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to experience the Aerocase Advantage for yourself.

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