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This style of case is popular in the athletic, production, entertainment and tradeshow market. The upright design allows easy access to the entire case.

This case can be constructed in 3/8” or 1/4" panel thickness to suit a variety of applications.

Closure options include: Hinge open lids, split in the middle equal halves or a removable lid with the option to add table legs.

Drawer cases meet the needs of a wide variety of applications which includes the entertainment industry, athletic trainers and tradesman.

Drawers are 1/4" construction with heavy duty hardware, any size or number of drawers can be incorporated into a design.

Heavy duty drawer slides feature a 200# weight capacity, 1” of over travel and a progressive action on steel ball bearings.

Drawer interior may consist of foam lining, water-jet cut foam blocks, plywood dividers, carpet lining or any combination.


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